Saturday 5 January 2013

Busy, busy!

I've most definitely got the crafting bug again.  I've got a lovely project in the works for my girls involving felt and letters, more on that later, but I'm also conjuring up all sorts of plans for using the rest of the masses of felt I have for this!  I've also got a package of beautiful wool winging it's way to me soon, so I'll be getting the crochet bug again soon.

I've decided to give photography another go - I think I gave up a little when I discovered how easy it is to Blip from the iPhone!  Anyway, I'm fast discovering that kids are hard to keep up with when you're fiddling with the focus on a lens, but practise I'm sure will make perfect.

Freya aged 5 months
All in all I'm pretty pleased with how this one turned out!  I'm getting slightly frustrated at how much the camera depends on a natural light source though, I'll have to investigate that further.  Watch out for updates on my little project - I need a few bits including sequins and ribbon - watch this space!

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