Tuesday 24 February 2015

A Little Update from Me

Boy oh boy, life just flails by doesn't it.  Flails isn't the right word, and I know that underneath but my brain is like, "flails, yes."  So I'm just going with it.  Swept away on the current of my scattered brain.  There's a theory that scattered-mother-brain is down to hyper awareness.  We're "on" 24/7 as mothers (and fathers) so we're all over the place mentally.

Anyway, yes.  I've been busy busy busy, doing... nothing really!  I've done some decorating in anticipation of The Big Move, which isn't finished but at least it's some way to there.  I'm currently trying to figure out what the next few weeks entails and enlisted a little help from the Passion Planner thingy.  I just can't say that and keep a straight face.  Such a child.

I'm still battling with myself and mostly winning in the healthy eating stakes, and losing a fair bit of weight in the process.  I think I have around just under 2 stone to lose now.  Not long!

Something I'm battling with is apathy.  Just, things are "meh".  So I'm constantly pushing myself now to make things better again, to jump out of bed in the morning feeling excited and fresh and all that.  Not cuddling down with my babies and going, "5 more minutes".  It's excruciatingly hard to get out of, but I'm slowly figuring out the way.  I know that my series of unfortunate events have led to this, so it's not been a naturally occurring thing, giving me a way out.

Besides, when life keeps throwing you obstacles (vertigo at the moment, so no upside down yoga for me!) you know you're doing something right ;)

Just a little update on my little girls:

Thursday 1 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  New Year is usually a time for people to make promises and resolutions to better their lives.  While my friends on Facebook are for the most part cynical about all this stuff, (and who could blame them?  We all make unrealistic promises that we never keep) I have made some very big vows to myself and my young family.  Today has been jam-packed already and I'm so happy that the New Year has finally come around, a landmark date to make a better life.  I've been very busy getting things done already.

Here's to health, wealth and happiness!