Friday 18 April 2014

Blogging for Life

Isn’t it crazy.  I’m reading a blog that dates back to 2003.  I hadn’t even finished 6th form in 2003.  So over ten years ago?  That’s dedication, that’s love of the craft.  I don’t think I’ve ever stuck at anything for so long.  I’d like to though.  Ten years from now I’d like to be able to look back and maybe my writing style wasn’t perfect but I did it without any kind of shame.

It's all change here in the Loungeturtle house.  I'm very much looking forward to what the future brings.

Thursday 10 April 2014

This is what I like to see.  Yeah, so it's been almost a year!  Terrible, absolutely terrible, I'm an awful blogger really ;)  Life has changed, as it always does.  We grow a little older, a little closer, a little further apart.  I've made peace with things that have shaken me before, and feel so much happier for it.  So last time we were here I was complaining about being a little too unfit, but hey, look at me now!  I'm fit as anything, and entered into Race for Life next month.  Very much looking forward to it.

Taking a little bit of a different direction with blogging.  I never intended to be a mummy-blogger but it happened naturally -  I'm a mother primarily and my girls have a massive part of my life.  Katie has started preschool and has settled in well.  My little Freya who last time was so poorly is growing up to be such a clever toddler.  I'm endlessly proud of my children and there is absolutely nothing conceivable in this world that could be any more of an achievement than having and raising them.  I count myself as very lucky every day.

But yes, I'm going somewhere different.  It's where I'd originally intended to go with my blog, it's all about me.  Because asides from my number one spot as a wife and mother, there's a little bit of Sarah coming back out into the world.  It's like being born again, figuring out where you stand in life and where your heart is taking you.  I think any mother would agree, that it's a hard transition going from being your own person, to being truly devoted and dedicated to a little life (or two), and then somehow rediscovering yourself when they start to gain their own feet.

So I guess you could say, I'm on the road, just kinda taking in the sights for now.  I'll see where it takes me...