Friday 28 October 2011

It's been in the works for a while, printers misbehaving and resizing images and printing things wrong.  But finally got it finished and perfect, my new packaging for glass tile pendants!  Simple plastic with card, but takes ages to design, perfect, and put together!  I think they look fab :)

Wednesday 26 October 2011

Here's my latest work!

See what I mean?!  Ten days it's been!  I made this bracelet late last night.  I've always worked with silver or silver plate but I absolutely adore brass.  The "steampunk" label is applied to way too many things now - far more than deserve the label but I guess this is along those lines!  It's got that customary brass look, with teeny penny farthing charms!  The beads are a favourite of mine, they catch the light amazingly.

Tom spend a little time this morning photographing a single bead and the way the rays of light shine through and around like little shards of colour.  I'm still twisting his arm to do my jewellery photography for me :)

Monday 17 October 2011

It's hard to fit in making jewellery around being a mum and working, but here's my latest creation!

You can't really tell from the picture but the red beads are really chunky, there's something about chunky round plastic beads that I love!  It's quite a long necklace finished with a decorative clasp.  I've had these beads for absolutely ages and finally got around to using them in something!

Wednesday 12 October 2011

After months of waiting, I've finally opened for business!  I've been making jewellery since 2004 and have finally made my dream come true by launching my own jewellery brand - Firelily Jewellery.  I've made a couple of sales already, so fingers crossed for success!  You can "like" Firelily Jewellery on facebook by clicking here.

Hope you're prepared to see updates of everything I'm making!

Tuesday 4 October 2011

We went off to Stourport again last Wednesday.  The UK has been having the most unusual and amazing weather in the past week with temperatures hitting almost thirty degrees, probably higher than during the actual summer!  It's such a weird picture with the brown leaves all over the floor of Autumn starting but people walking around eating icecreams and the sun blasting down.

I think I'm actually getting quite good at this photography stuff, it's more like one in three photos comes out well than the old one in twenty!

Lonely flower by the side of the river

Look at that sun!  The weather was amazing!

But this is the pile of leaves beneath each tree!

Absolutely beautiful scenery

Look at that for a picture, quite proud of it if I do say so myself!

Katie was really feeling the change in weather, she's not been too well lately, but she's on the mend now!  She's doing all sorts of toddlerish things now, like clapping her hands, crawling and pulling herself up to stand!


But oh, look, winter's on it's way, and it's going to be a harsh one :(