Tuesday 22 January 2013

A little bit of everything

So while the blog still lies in tatters because of  "DON'T TOUCH IT, IT WILL BREAK", I thought I'd carry on blogging away.  I've become well and truly hooked (I know, I know, I used that one before) on my blanket and am knocking out the rows faster than you can say "potato".  Except not.  It's now taking me around forty minutes to do a single row, as it's essentially one big granny square, but I intend on carrying on til I run out of yarn even though it's currently around the right size for a pram blanket for Little Pudding.

I was messing around with Tom's DSLR again so here's another progress shot!

It's very addictive to see it coming together, all the symmetry, those beautiful bright colours, aaaah!  I'm already planning all the other projects in my head, I'm going to be swamped in blankets before I know it.  I want to do a granny stripe, a proper granny square blanket, a ripple... I'm going to end up with a serious RSI with all this hooking coupled with making jewellery!  I'm eyeing up all sorts of inspiration around me and exploring colour schemes in things around the house.  Even looking forward to Spring with all it's delicate flowers and things - I usually hate the Eastery kind of colours but I think they'd look beautiful in a blanket.

This is the view from the window at the moment.  This used to be a wasteland kind of scene when we moved here, with evil looking bare trees scattered around the building site.  We actually have a few new neighbours as you can see!  The snow is pretty to start with but I'm getting stir crazy stuck in the house with the kids (of my own choosing, I'd prefer them to be warm at home than out in the cold so much).  We spent a little while making a rather deformed snowman and discovering the joys of neighbouring cat poop under the snow (bleugh) but it's time for the snow to go away now!  I can see you there in the clouds waiting, off with you!

Since kids move around a bit while you're trying to take photos of them I thought I'd use this little lady as my model.  Her name is Mayu and she's an Alice du Jardin Pullip.  They're gorgeous little things with such attention to detail.

If only they made such gorgeous clothes for us eh?  Well they do actually, but I think I'm a little too old to pull off the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright look.  I suppose I'll have to live vicariously through Mayu for now.

And finally Freya's Cath Kidston teddy.  It's really tiny and cute.  I've done Amigurumi before (I'll show you another time) but these stitches seem so precise.  I'm not sure how I feel about mass produced things masquerading as handmade unique items.  I know there was a period when high street shops seemingly trawled through Etsy systematically plagiarizing designs.  Oh my big words.  Anyway, this bear is still cute as anything and I'm still a sucker for anything Cath Kidston so meh.

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