Friday 28 December 2012

The Most Wonderful Time

There's not a time in the year that I love more than Christmas.  It was amazing - the first year when Katie kind of "got" the concept of Christmas.  She went to the grotto,  sat on Santa's lap, threw the present he gave her onto the floor -  a contrast to last years phobic tears for sure!  What made this Christmas all the more special was that there were two little people enjoying the festivities with us.

What's especially amazing is that a two year old and four month old sat still enough to pose for this photo!  I only wish I'd been a little more crafty about Christmas, it feels like I've been running around like a headless chicken just to get the basics done this year.  Next year will hopefully be a little more relaxed and I'll start planning early. I'm very excited about the year coming, I'm going to try to plan some projects, so keep an eye out.

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