Monday 14 January 2013


I'm sure you know, it's snowing everywhere in England.  Tiny sniffles mean we're not out enjoying the snow but never mind because I'm waiting in for a VIP (read - very important package) ;)  It does sometimes feel like everything is grinding to a halt when it snows - I'm not sure how a pushchair would fare and I'm not too confident about babywearing in the snow.  I can just imagine toppling over the squishing poor little Freya.  It does look rather grey and dull though - I guess we've got a lot more snow to come!

I'm progressing well with the First Blanket as it will now be known but I'm not all too sure when to stop.  I'm indecisive like that.  Do I keep it as a baby blanket?  Make it bigger so it's a toddler blanket too?  Make it into a throw?  So many options.  I suppose I'll know when I get there!  I haven't made jewellery for quite a long time now but I'll be getting back into that soon thanks to a Mothers' Day craft swap I'm taking part in.  It's my first ever craft swap so I'm quite excited - I've already been asked for my favourite colours (by my secret crafter).

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