Tuesday 5 June 2012

Studying Japanese - Minna no Nihongo

I've had a change of heart.  A change of layout!  It's my thing I think!  I'm forever changing my mind about things - I can't work out whether that's a good or bad thing.  I'm nearing the start of almost a month's holiday before maternity leave and am very much looking forward to the rest.  I'm trying to gather up my thoughts and find direction for what I want to be doing and I think I'm just about getting there!  I'm making a lot of changes at the moment - healthy eating, exercise, self-development in general.  Life is rather slow at the moment and I'm hoping to speed it up.  If only my willpower and determination would catch up with my mind, I'd be going at 1000mph.

I've got a few things for sale on my facebook page for ridiculously low prices - meaning I'm having a de-stash!  I've got this nasty habit of making tons of jewellery and never advertising it for sale - three boxes worth at the moment!  I'm hoping to completely de-stash to free up space for an upcoming new range - Loungeturtle.  Wonder where I got the inspiration for that name?  Think simple vintage style jewellery.  I'm very excited ;)

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