Saturday 2 June 2012

Oh yes, it's the Bluebirds Connecta Integra!  I ordered this baby carrier back in January some time.  I absolutely adore it, although I was less than impressed with the customer service offered by Connecta!  Several emails, five months (of having already paid for the carrier) later and a threat of me cancelling the order it finally arrived two days after a free Connecta in a different pattern (as a sorry for the delay).  Katie hates it, she just about tolerates being carried on my back for five minutes and will only go on my front if she can see herself in the mirror, so here's hoping little Freya will feel snug and secure in it!

In other news, I'm now on month three of my Happiness Project - focusing on healthy eating and keeping active.  I'm doing pretty well so far!  I really want to start taking better care of myself.  My skincare routine consists of a quick wash with Philosophy face wash and then slapping on a little bit of the matching moisturiser. I usually only stick a quick bit of Bare Minerals Bisque under my eyes, whack on a bit of Bare Minerals Foundation, then stick on a bit of Benefit Dandelion to make myself look a little less ghostly.  I'd love to do an overhaul of all things me, if only I had a little more energy.  I think I might get the smoothie maker out again soon, see if that does the trick.

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