Tuesday 12 June 2012

Let's have a go at one of these beauty posts eh? ;)

I had my hair done for the first time in over a year yesterday.  Every time I've had it cut in the past ten years I've gone from long hair to chin length short hair instantly but I decided to keep it long this time.  I was sick of it just being a long mop all one length with no definition, so here's what happened:

Since I'm now on four weeks holiday before maternity leave starts, I'm free to paint my nails!  I'm limited to "natural" colours for work which means I never get to experiment really unless I want to remove the colour after a day.  I've had Your Planet or Mine? by Leighton Denny waiting in my stash for months now so I cracked it out this morning.

Hydra Flex Shield - Your Planet or Mine? - One For All
I'm a big fan of Leighton Denny, so it's all going on here.  I started with the Hydra-Flex Shield as a base coat - my nails are rather lovely and peely at the moment because I'm pregnant.  I had to whack on three coats of the colour to get rid of the patchiness even though two coats are usually recommended for this brand.  Then on went the top coat - I used One for All.

I swear by the Miracle Mist because I absolutely loathe waiting around for nail varnish to dry, my only complaint is that a can doesn't seem to last that long!  Mine's running a little low now and I've only used it for about five applications.  You can wait sixty seconds between coats of varnish then after the last coat spray each nail for two seconds each then wait again and repeat.  It really works so it's great although it took a bit longer to be so effective this time, probably because of how much there was on the nail to get the correct colour.

I'm overall a massive fan of this colour - you can't even appreciate what it really looks like in this picture (and even less so on the Leighton Denny website where it looks like a completely random other colour!)  Depending on the light it's got purple, blue, brown and green tones with a shimmery effect.  Love it.

I've collected these products over a couple of years so didn't really feel the hit on the bank account but looking at the website - £44 in total for all the products used on my nails today.  Oh dear.

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