Friday 1 January 2016

Happy New Year!

It's a bright shiny new year, 2016.

My how they've grown.  I'm making it my mission this year to take more photographs and make more memories in general.  It feels like 2015 flew by so fast that I barely remember any of it.  I've got a busy year ahead of me.

So of course we started our year by going for a little walk.  There's not much to see where we live, industrial everywhere you look, but sometimes a bit more interesting when you see the relics of the past still there.  The kids were amazed to realise that we have a canal on our doorstep.  The massive networks used to service the industrial heart of the Black Country, now home to ducks much to the kids' delight.  

I had my heart set on Blipfoto this year again, after the let down last year and missing a few weeks because of their takeover by Polaroid.  It's died a death sadly (3 months after the Polaroid takeover funnily enough) and I've got no confidence in it now that I realise I'll have to manually copy each photo, title and caption.  So hopefully I'll just get a photo a day and try to actually keep myself blogging.  For now, Happy new year!

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