Tuesday 23 September 2014

Strong is Fighting

Oh no, it's one of those blogs.  Motivational quotes, gaaah, run away!  No.  I've been watching a fair bit of Buffy while conquering my ironing piles recently (God how a two and three year old make washing pile up fast!)  I love this quote though, we may have a lack of slaying vampires, but we still all have our challenges to overcome.  For some of us those challenges seem trivial, but they are challenges nonetheless.  I've learned in the past few days that working hard and keeping at those difficult things we need to do to get places we want to be really pays off.

I haven't even compiled a to do list.  Very unlike me.  It's my thing!  I have mountains of blank notebooks just waiting for such an occasion.  But I know that if I start making lists of things I'll get so demotivated that I'll end up backwards and hiding in a blanket fort in bed.  But yes, definitely making progress!  It's all good!

One of the many things I've started focusing on is photography.  I recently (relatively to how often I blog - ha!) posted about photography but I've neglected it for around two months now which is terrible!  Here's my latest:

I don't often get time to pick up the camera.  It involves a fair bit of fiddling that I'm not used to, and trying to keep it out of the hands of the girls plus trying to actually get them to co-operate and stay still for a split second.  Still, I love the fact that I can get such meaningful photographs.  There's something so much richer and so much more depth to these photos than those I can take with my phone camera.

Anyway, remember: strong is fighting!  And I'm absolutely loving that rush of non-stop right now.

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