Monday 21 July 2014

A New (Old) Project

I'm a hoarder, that's for sure.  I've got a fair few of the Mollie Makes kits stashed away and decided to have a go at making one tonight.  It's the Kitschy Digitals Retro Felt Doll kit that came with issue 34.

Mollie Makes issue 34 kit - Kitschy Digitals Retro Felt Doll

Now I've had my run-in with a Mollie Makes kit before, the very first one I ever attempted.  I can't remember which issue it was but suffice to say there was a lot of frustration and a teensy bit of swearing involved.  I realised I wasn't alone when other crafty people online complained of the same problems and the magazine issued a correction to the pattern - hey presto, the pattern worked.

This kit is no different.  I'm not quite sure why Mollie Makes likes to provide embroidery thread for stitching edges.  Even in the picture of this little quirky doll the edges are done with regular cotton which is much easier and would have left me with my fingertips intact for all that battling to get the thread through the very tough felt.

Still, a very cute pattern, though progress is slow:

Dolly Snake - "Kill meeeeee."
My doll resembles something from Silent Hill maybe?  Or a Little Big Planet foe?  She'll look a bit cuter when her innards aren't on display hopefully!

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