Wednesday 5 June 2013


So, we went to our local country park again yesterday, it was lovely.  No pictures, blogger fail as I forgot my camera and my phone is shamefully at capacity for images!  As I'm sure I've said before we don't get much time during the week to do much of anything as a family and when we do have that one day a week it usually rains (thank you England).  We had a little picnic, went to the park there, got icecream and got well and truly lost on one of the nature trails that was pushchair friendly.  It was just far too hot to be carrying Freya in the Connecta but we did find that the Babyjogger pushchair was just awesome on the rocky trails.  Saw a guy doing what I can only describe as tree-parkour... is that a thing?  Or is it just running down cliffs into trees and jumping off in a forest?  Well, either way it looked awesome, and brought me to shame huff-puffing up the hills through the forest haha.  I'm so unfit which I'm hoping to change very soon.  We're off on holiday in twelve days (and counting) which I'm ecstatically excited about - I promise I'll be taking pictures there.  After that a new leaf is going to be turned and I'm going to be getting super dooper fit.

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