Sunday 19 May 2013

Little Things


I really need to go find me some dandelions.  It's such a strange thing to be caught between far too busy to do things and far too bored with nothing to do.  We're far too busy as a family - now that I'm working after maternity leave has ended and Tom's hours are a bit sucky too, we have one day a week to do things as a family.  The rest of the time us girls are limited to how far our little leggies can carry us or how far the bus goes if we're lucky enough to be let on (damn buggy limits).  I'd much rather do things as a family but for now we spend our time wisely.  I've never hated running errands so much as they take up far too much valuable time!  But yes, I'm going stir crazy with all our bad weather.  Hopefully summer isn't teasing us today and we'll be off out somewhere nice seeing things on our day off this week.

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