Sunday 28 April 2013

Poorly Pud

Our dearest, darling little baby daughter Freya fell ill on Wednesday suddenly. With her temperature soaring to 40.5 degrees she was hospitalised with a nasty infection. I've never quite felt so helpless as when my little girl was hooked up to a drip and crying and clinging to me for an entire night. I spent a lot of time rocking, shushing and holding my baby close, and watching helplessly as she was prodded and poked with needles. My heart broke a million times over as she looked at me crying with those pleading eyes. She's most definitely on the mend now thankfully.

And there is that word, "thankful". Staying on a childrens' ward for a few days has truly opened my eyes to just how lucky I am to have happy, healthy children. I can't imagine how hard it must be to have to keep returning and know that your child may never recover from a condition or illness they may have. I'm most definitely going to make the best of all the time I have with my children, and in my life in general from now on.

She's been allowed home for the first night in four nights but we're back to the ward tomorrow first thing for a scan and some blood tests. Fingers crossed that it's good news and she can be discharged and come home properly!

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