Monday 14 November 2011

The most horrible feeling lately is sitting there with a pile of beads and other jewellery bits and having a completely blank mind.  It's to me what writer's block is to a novelist.  I had a little breakthrough today - I felt like doing something a little exotic again, I'm seriously loving brass tone jewellery, alas I've run out of bits!  Perfect excuse to top up the stash no?  Here's my latest, you can't really appreciate the colours of the beads until you see it up close, the colours are so rich.

I'm quite pleased that my photography is coming along nicely now, and in a natural way, I've learned simply by trying, trying and trying again - I've never read a tutorial or done a course.  This one was taken with natural light from the window and my humble point and click Sony Cyber-shot and a bit of tweaking in an image editing to get the colour levels right.  I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm using that flower prop quite a lot - it's a fake flower from Ikea!  Must visit again to get some variety - it's actually meant to be ornamental and lives in a little vase!

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