Tuesday 4 October 2011

We went off to Stourport again last Wednesday.  The UK has been having the most unusual and amazing weather in the past week with temperatures hitting almost thirty degrees, probably higher than during the actual summer!  It's such a weird picture with the brown leaves all over the floor of Autumn starting but people walking around eating icecreams and the sun blasting down.

I think I'm actually getting quite good at this photography stuff, it's more like one in three photos comes out well than the old one in twenty!

Lonely flower by the side of the river

Look at that sun!  The weather was amazing!

But this is the pile of leaves beneath each tree!

Absolutely beautiful scenery

Look at that for a picture, quite proud of it if I do say so myself!

Katie was really feeling the change in weather, she's not been too well lately, but she's on the mend now!  She's doing all sorts of toddlerish things now, like clapping her hands, crawling and pulling herself up to stand!


But oh, look, winter's on it's way, and it's going to be a harsh one :(

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