Thursday 1 September 2011

So I guess I promised some more action on this blog right?  Sorry guys!  Here's Monday's post!
We went off on our travels to Stourport.  Can you believe there isn't even a McDonalds there?  It's kinda pretty down there but the weather was a bit on and off (England right?)

Some beautiful views to be had, alas not pushchair friendly so we didn't get very far!  Check this out though.   If you know me at all you'd know this view is just awe inspiring.  If you don't then you ought to know I'm a massive fan of Silent Hill, and this is a recurring setting.

And then look what I found in the arcade!

It was awesomeness, I've heard that these are Japan only!  Of course I gave it a go and was killed off by some ample busted nurse.

I'm completely addicted to those coin pusher machines that you always see and of course there were some there.  I've never managed to actually win anything on those things (aside from more 2p's) but I got some stuff!  A lollypop, a keyring and an annoying frog charm.  All sucky but still, I won something!!!

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